June One Day?!

We've had a few ask about adding a June event, and we are thinking of a happy comprimise of a one day instead. This depends on how many people would be coming out though.

Please respond below or send me a PM and tell me if you would be attending if it were scheduled for:

June 14 (Saturday before Father's Day)

If enough people are interested, I have the rest of the team on board with me. :)

I also wanted to say real quickly that I am super happy with last event and thanks to everyone, especially the NPC crews from both Garden City and Traverse City.



The GC group will be there to NCP


Wisconsin Staff
bit far for me to drive for a one day

As we share our monster camp with Doug for Caducus, June 14th isn't an option. The other weekends don't work for different people - I knew there was a reason we don't have a June event! :)

See everyone July 11th!