June Opener Favorite Moments!!!


Hey folks!! We're all getting settled back in from the opener this weekend, this is a place to boast about all the cool stuff that happened over the weekend, and especially to give shout outs and thank yous to your fellow players that helped make your weekend!!

I'll throw a response in a little later, but just getting this up for now!


First and foremost, getting to meet everyone in attendance. KS has such a great group of people, and it was fun to be able to play with all of you.

- Go Pink Go!
- The Bind Birds
- Pretty much all of my interactions with Zakar and all of his plot around this weekend was amazing. It was super intense, and definitely distressing IC, but OOC I loved watching it play out.
- Poor Renan being a punching bag for our bardic banter
- Starting to look out for Lia as a younger MWE, and wanting to be able to show her the wonderful things of the world
- Watching over Grunt as his catnip bag exploded into sadness
- Getting paid by Hawke for my bad/best puns
- Watching Loony Lionalys dash across the field chasing his hat that was left on the ground. And the following purchasing of said hat from Arabella only to later learn it was a mimic and slipping the receipt for the purchase into Lionalys' pocket. Only later to find out that Jack hadn't even noticed it until I pointed out to it. I'm kinda hoping something comes of that later.... :p
- Mid day naps to escape the heat...
- The shadows bursting into the tavern, and barely being able to survive. We almost made it, but the snowball was real. (Also I enjoyed the OOC discussion around the gameplay experimentation of it afterwards)
- The tavern sign! Holy crap that looks amazing. I'm looking forward to being able to see that hung up, and more in game jokes around our place of ill repute...

This whole weekend was just pretty awesome, I will definitely be coming out again in a few weeks. :D
Kipp skinning an Orc alive as well as several instances of beheadings
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Well damn. What do you say when you're beheaded...

I absolutely loved all the interactions with people this weekend.
My conversations with Sunny that led to her helping in my resurrection.
All the back and forth with Val.
Speaking with Lia at dinner and being reminded just how young she really is.
Learning valuable lessons about carrying too much on me at once haha.

This event really changed Zakar's view of the world and it's peoples. I think he's finally learned his lesson and will strive to be better to people and help as many as he can.

Oh! and Tommend. Seeing a friend from home was very nice for Zakar.


Oh gosh, somewhat stressful weekend running our first event! But I had some real fun highlights and glad I got to spend some time with all y'all :)

Hanging out at the tavern was the best! So many weird conversations I got to get involved in

Walking with Lady Arabella and talking about the Crimson Alliance in the rain ♥

The look of horror at the exploded bag of catnip and eventually rolling around in it until Grunt passed out

Strolling the lands with Val and trying to learn about the world.

Go Blue Go!

Jarl, we had SO much fun being rowdy and generally obnoxious together.

Walking through Zakar's minefield he laid out, dear god was he thorough!


Thanks everyone who made this weekend happen, I can't wait to put on more events in the future!