Kansas 2020 Dates!


Howdy everyone!!

It is that time of year again where we post up our new schedule for the upcoming year and information about our season pass for out of towners who may want to pick it up for blankets. We're going to have 7 games this year, all 2 day events (14 logistic periods) we're offering our blanket season pass for $50 this year (8.4 : $1) and 420 GS will be applied as soon as we can manage for you. If this is something you would like to pay for, here's a link to our paypal, please leave a note specifying who you are on the CMA and that you're buying a season pass, so we know who to assign GS to.
(Season Passes will no longer be available after 3/13/2020)

We run all of our events out of Camp Four Winds, Leon, KS

January 24-26
March 13-15
April 17-19 (Cancelled due to KS restrictions)
May 8-10 (Cancelled due to KS restrictions)

(Ethercroft CAMPAIGN)
August 21-23
September 18-20
October 16-18

I'm pleased to let our traveling players know that we only overlap with Denver on 1 event for their schedule so far, so folks are still welcome and encouraged to go attend their events ^_^
Also, we don't overlap nationals, and it's two weeks after our spring games, so scoot your butts over to Chicago to enjoy all those lovely peeps too if you can make the time for it! ♥
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