Kerza approaches the Master at Arms

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((Time Stamp: August 6th Midday))

Kerza approaches the Master at Arms, “I have been given leave by my master to join the Home Guard. I reside in Parsons Breach presently.”
Sitting behind a desk is a middle aged man, both him and his armour look weathered and well worn. "Another from Parson's, just had a Barbarian female sign up, Eriana I believe." Pulling out a tome from behind the desk, "Name, where you are from before Parson's Breach, can you read and write?"
"I resided in Shadowrose as an indentured for twenty two years, fifteen years for the crime of poaching, and a further seven years as a sworn indentured where I was granted the name, Kerza. Prior to that I was a vagrant; I am unable to read or write.”
Writing this down in tome, "I see, and what are your feels towards King Ulric and the Kingdom of Calandia?"
"His Majesty is honorable and valiant. The Kingdom needs him, but I am not sure yet if they deserve him."
"Mhm, I see. Leave a mark here." Standing he reaches for a cane and hobbles around his desk, he's missing his lower right leg. "Follow me," heading to the door he steps outside, "Sergeant Martin, new recruit, give him a workout."

"Sure thing Master at Arms, recruit, this way." Leading you over to a clear area, reaching into a barrel of wooden swords he pulls two out, "let's see what you got."
Setting his belongings on the ground he lays his spear upon them, and then grasps the wooden sword. Giving it a couple swings to test the weight.

“Swing when you are ready.”
Chuckling, "I'm testing you, before I can swing at you, I need to know if you know how to swing in the first place. So you swing when you are ready."
With a cold expression Kerza steps into his guard, blade out before him he swings ending the cut in a low guard pausing a moment for inspection of form. He swings again ending in a high guard pausing again after the swing. He does this until he has conducted all of the five parry positions.

“I have been taught the sword”, he informs the Sergeant, “But my hand was built for a spear”.
"So it would appear, just the same," as he steps in and takes a swing at your chest.
Kerza attempts to step back out of range of the swing rather than block it. Starting a slow swing of his own he matches the arc and direction of his opponents blade. If he is not struck Kerza will step in after his opponents blade has passed him leaning in and bending his body to the side for reach, and speed up his swing to deliver a whip like cut to the back of the Sergeants sword arm.

After the swing he knows he will be off stance, so he will slide his back leg to the left and stand tall bringing him to face the side of his opponent, ending the movement back in his guard.
As he follows through with his swing, you snap your blade on Sergeants arm, you hear a sharp intake of breath from him. Grunting he drives his elbow back, catching you in the shoulder, just enough to make you shift your stance. Stepping back from you, into a guard position.

Stumbling back from the hit to his shoulder, Kerza brings himself back to his guard.

“I over extended, a mistake I intend not to repeat.”

He then strikes out with a high cut feint towards the head, which he pulls into a thrust half way through the swing and lunges to center instead.
Lifting his sword to block and almost missing the feint, the Sergeant has to twist to get his guard back and pushes Kerza's padded sword tip to the side at the last moment. He slides his feet back and positions himself the opposite direction he pushed the attack.
Kerza stands tall and drops his sword to his side, “How long am I required to play with sticks?”
The Sergeant nods his head, "fair enough, you are skilled with the weapons. Head to the Quartermasters and draw any gear you might need and a tabard." He gestures to the other side of the compound, "Report back to Parson's Breach in 10 days time. I believe the Colonel will do your swearing in there. Welcome to the Home Guard."
“Gratitude”, mutters Kerza as he walks back to the barrel and places the wooden sword back within.

He picks up his possessions, and hefts his spear back into his grip. Before walking back to the Quartermaster he pauses briefly at the Sergeant. “Only so that my silence does not harbor dishonor, I admit you are highly skilled with a blade.” After the brief acknowledgement Kerza walks back towards the Quartermaster’s office.
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