kind of a silly Q, but is there any correlation between race and colors worn?


good day!
I've been working to collect and create pieces for my first player character (of any larp) for a couple years now, a MWE (or sylvanborn, I think they are again?)

Now that I look at him though, he's got a very black, brown, grey, but mostly RED color palette relative to pics of other sylvanborn I've seen... perhaps am i imagining a preconceived notion of common colors among races (aside from maybe grey in stone elves, green in dryads, etc?)?? And most specifically, would I stick out (in a tacky rather than creative sense) as a very very RED sylvanborn? It's not too late to change him to an elf with some rewriting, I'd hope!

thank you so very much ;v;

- Niko
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Folks wear all colors. You'll be fine as a sylvanborn in red. Distinctive costuming is cool. :)
I'd maybe ask the SF new player rep or one of their Logistics members for a local Race packet (I'm from way up in Calgary), but Alliance-wide I'm pretty sure there is no Racial "colour palette" that you need to follow to play a particular Race. If you want your Sylvanborn to wear a lot of red, blacks, and browns, but you're noticing in pictures that other Sylvanborn are wearing (for example) a lot of blues and yellows, there might be nothing wrong with that, but there might be an answer in the local packets, or they might all be from the same family/clan/club/whatever and are matchy-matchy because of that.

I'd try contacting the new player rep or Logistics directly if you can, particularly if changing your costuming is going to be time-intensive or if game is coming up soon.


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Definitely seek out a race packet, both for costuming and because it'll help you make a character that has hooks into our campaign -- I'd ask on our Facebook group, as that's where our plot teams are most active. But even if clothing guidelines do exist for the race and nation you want to play, you don't necessarily need to follow them! Differences from social norms can make interesting character traits. For example, our local biata do have a color guideline -- they tend to wear the colors of their house. But my biata was raised by her hobling parent, so she dresses more like a hobling and ignores the biata color scheme.


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In the Oregon chapter, local lore has specific meaning for Sylvanborn horns culturally, but not for clothing.

norman b

In the Oregon chapter, local lore has specific meaning for Sylvanborn horns culturally, but not for clothing.
Speaking as a Sylvanborn who wears a lot of red if I remember correctly? :)