Kitchen news - July Event


Hello friends and a very warm welcome to the Happy Husky Tavern in beautiful Bostow - Beryl's favorite place to sit down, relax, and have a delightful meal in all the lands!

Beautiful Bostow in the Northern Territories! Come see the new construction going on with Castle Husky! Watch out for EuphoriAnts! Enjoy Extreme Goobsack (this activity is not officially endorsed by House Husky and may be dangerous to your health)!!! Other things the Bostow Tourism Board wants me to say!

Our menu will be . . .

Friday night snack - Lady Greycloud's "Defying the laws of physics with how much cheese I can pack in" Mac! I suspect the Magic Guild is keeping an eye on her as she told me she was going for more of a basic recipe this time over the garlic packed flavortown express she has made in the past. Very small batch of gluten free on request. Served right around PC Talk Friday night.

Saturday breakfast - the ole tried and true Breakfast Burritos! These will be egg & cheese. I will also have instant oatmeal, fresh fruit, and hard boiled eggs on request for those with sensitivities. Served from when Master Smith Iganeous arrives until 9am sharp. Squire's Breakfast will be happening during this, open to all, required for few.

Saturday lunch - the hugely popular Dame Edwina's hot sammiches! Served with chips. Freeze pops should be nice and cold, I'll conscript someone to hand them out. Probably Mint. Served around lunchtime which seems pretty self explanatory but ... lets just say I'm not shocked by some of the questions I get anymore.

Saturday dinner - we're trying something new this time! Jambalaya! This will be chicken and turkey sausage served with rice, peppers, onions, and celery! Hopefully no "Husky Glitter" (fur) but no promises. Have you ever brushed a husky? Woof. We'll have Squiremelon, a special gelatin type salad, and fresh lemonade with it! Served around dinnertime. If you need a more specific time, ask Codner.

All day I'll have water out (if it gets low, please let someone on kitchen staff know), hot water & instant coffee (and creamer on request, unless Laura gets to it first), Fruit Punch mix ins for your water, and fresh fruit until it runs out! For other beverage needs please see The Iron Cassk. I'm told the Red Gem Bakery will be making an appearance as well - get your cornbread early as it's expected to sell out. It'll go GREAT with the Jambalaya!

As always, my kitchen is pork and shellfish free. I believe we are red meat and nut free this game as well. As stated previously, we try to be as accommodating as possible for food allergies, but cross contamination is a real thing.

Kitchen is completely off limits (both in and out of game), please make accommodations to keep your own items cool. We will, of course, allow access to the refrigerator for medical needs.

The House Husky kitchen