Kitchen News - September Event!


Hello friends, and a very warm welcome back to the Happy Husky for a final time this season.

Our menu will be . . .

Friday night - you guessed it, Lady Greycloud's Evodia Famous Mac! She had some assistance from Dame Edwina on this, so it should be doubly delicious! We're planning on dishing it out just before PC talk. We have a small amount of gluten free for Team GF on request.

Saturday morning - another classic! Egg & Cheese breakfast burritos! I'll have instant oatmeal, hard boiled egg, or fresh fruit as an alternative on request. Serving will be, as always, from when our resident troll hunter Iganeous arrives until 9am. Squire's Breakfast will be happening, feel free to sit in and learn about The Code!

Saturday lunch - another Evodia favorite, Dame Edwina's hot sammiches! Served with chips. We will also have some of Mr Freeze's pops, frozen of course, that will be handed out. Served ... noonish? Lunchtime for sure.

Saturday dinner - you waited all season for it. Chicken Dianne. If you're new to the Happy Husky and adventuring, wear two pairs of socks. One of them is going to be rocked off. Served with rice, we'll also have apple cider available. Squiremelon on the side!

If you have special dietary concerns, and you put them in your prereg, I've tried to accommodate as best we can. Keep in mind if you have a life threatening food allergy, as much as we try to avoid it cross contamination is a very real thing and I suggest you bring your own food. The Happy Husky is pork, shellfish, and (this event) red meat and nut free. Most items are sugar substitute free (possibly all, I'll double check ingredients). If you need hot water please let us know, we'll have instant coffee on request. Water will be out all day, if it gets low that's it, there is no more. Not really, just checking to see if you're still with us. Let us know, we'll get it refilled.

Kitchen is completely off limits (both in and out of game), please make accommodations to keep your own items cool. We will, of course, allow access to the refrigerator for medical needs.

The House Husky Kitchen