Wisconsin Staff
With are Kingdom beening so young, it has been brought to my attention that many people do not understand what a Knights duties are and a nobles duties are. I have instructed that Jehan Wildweaver to meet up at breakfast on the morning of Saturday this coming Marketday and explain the meanings and duties that come of such.

Baron Selmi
Yes your excellency. Anyone who wishes to participate please let me know.



i would like to attend this also, both to know who the nobles are in town and to maybe walk the path myself again one day.

Of course your welcome to come out and listen or ask any questions between the difference in nobility in different lands. This is really meant for those folks who aren't used to the concept and or have questions on how it affects their daily lives. As opposed to being a lecture Baron Selmy asked me to make it an open forum and ask, to the best of my ability, the questions you all might have. I hope I can help do that but the discussion is open to all.