Large Quivers & Enhanced Quiver


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Enhanced quiver increases the the amount of arrows/bolts a quiver can carry to 40, 60, 80, or unlimited.

Is the intent of this ritual that the first three difficulties are adding 20/40/60 to the quiver’s capacity or multiplying it by 2/3/4 times?

Right now, if I have a quiver rep that is 320 sq inches, it will hold 100 arrows/bolts.

If I put a level 3 Enhanced Quiver ritual on it, does the capacity:
1. Decrease to 80
2. Increase to 160
3. Increase to 400

I’m finding that all three options are potentially true.

Pertinent ritual text here:
A Quiver with this Ritual gains the ability to hold increased quantities of arrows. While the quiver stays the same shape on the outside, its interior expands outside the normal laws of Fortannis physics to fit a larger quantity of arrows or bolts (and only arrows or bolts, not other items). The Item Tag for an Enhanced Quiver must be marked with how many arrow/bolt tags it allows the owner to carry (instead of the normal 20). If the Enhanced Quiver Ritual is destroyed, any arrow/bolt tags in excess of 20 which were allocated to that quiver are immediately destroyed.

Required Components: 3 This Ritual requires 3 reagents as listed on the scroll. Any additional reagents required by the ritual should be the same as listed on the scroll. 3:3 Reagents, the quiver's capacity is expanded to 40, 8:5 Reagents, the quiver's capacity is expanded to 60, 13:7 Reagents, the quiver's capacity is expanded to 80, 25:14 Reagents, the quiver's capacity becomes limitless.


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The text says, "gains the ability to hold increased quantities" wouldn't be increased if it dropped down to 80.
I would say that it adds 60 to the current capacity
I interpret it the same as Gilwing; it increases the amount of arrows a single quiver volume can carry, regardless of how many quivers the carrier is the equivalent of, and therefore would let you carry 160 arrows in the bag/whatever.


I mean, the wording doesn't really indicate if its additive or multiplicative. I'd been assuming additive, but I can see how if you think of it as physically increasing one dimension of the quiver of a single quiver by 2,3,4 it'd be multiplicative with larger quivers. It feels like something where the wording of the ritual could be improved.


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My thoughts as well.

And multiplicative would also make the lower levels of the ritual significantly more (read: at all) useful.