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  1. Hello and thank you for taking a peak!

    I am culling my LARP stuff and offering it up for sale! I have 3 groups of stuff. The cost is for the entire group of stuff. I do not want to sell individual items and because of this I am asking for a very low bundled price. Retail value is triple or higher than asking price. I will deliver at no charge within 1 hour of Naperville Illinois. I will ship as well but buyer pays shipping. Links are NOT guaranteed to be the exact item because it’s been a while since I bought these items but links are posted in a good faith effort to represent the items. (some are the exact item when I could find it.) Groups are Camping Gear, LARP Gear, and Alchemy Reps. Payment accepted by paypal or cash. For easy viewing here is a Word Doc Link:!Ajx7EP39RBxjiyTvQhLUOoseXXAe

    Camping Gear $20.00

    NOT PICTURED: Folding Camp Table Exact Item:

    Intex Blow up Mattress


    Cookware Bowl Pot Pan Set

    Folding Handle Spatula and Fork Not Included

    Coleman air pump MISSING AC CHARGER!!!! You will have to purchase a generic 120v ac adapter to charge.

    Broom, dust pan, and stake puller ONLY

    Miscellaneous glow sticks

    Hand warmer packs approx. 17

    Water Proof Cellphone lanyard ONE

    Frying Pan has some scratches

    LARP Gear $60.00 CLAIMED!

    Functional packet Quiver made by D&A LARP Tech

    Silver and White colored hair spray

    Boot Covers

    Leather Skirt Chasers

    Imitation leather fanny pack

    Sword Frogs- I lost the tiny screws that make them adjustable so I have them tied with some thin rope. Made by LeatherStorm on Etsy. You can buy the screws here:

    Small belt pouches (2)

    Wide Brim floppy sun hat

    Cross body large bags (2) (brown has zipper closure, black/skull is open)

    Sewing notions box with customer closures (dark wood stain, largest box pictured)

    Purple jeweler box. Interior is painted orange

    Small Red and Black box with fleur de lis

    Brown Messenger bag

    Various “W” hand painted ward signifiers.

    Alchemy Reps $60.00 CLAIMED!

    Plastic hand and foot- Legally obtained I swear! :p

    Plastic Wine and Martini skull and cross bones drinking glasses

    Scale and weight set with velvet box

    Small Decorated Brass Charcoal Screen Incense Burner with Wooden Coaster includes Charcoal disks and tongs

    Set of 3 skeleton keys

    Working simple padlock

    Mortar and Pestle Bamboo

    Necklace Tree 2 tiered adjustable. (I used it to RP drying Herbs)

    LED candles

    Red Lantern

    Red, Green and Black cloth (I used as decorative table cloth. Various lengths approx. 1-3 yards each)

    Various small glass bottles with cork stoppers. Some colored, filled, empty. Sizes vary from approx. 1inch to 6inches)

    Glass flask no stopper

    Wooden Test tube display rack

    Various chemistry glassware. Graduated cylinders, flasks, funnel, eye dropper, stirrers, more test tubes)

    Crystal divination (faceted clear/white crystal on a silver chain)

    Crystal ball Red with stand in gift box

    Small chalk board and dry erase easel

    Chalkboard sign

    Small bag (I use it to store all the tiny bottles)


    Bag of fake plant life, 3 roses

    Insane set

    Essential Oils

    Random glow stick

    Cone incense (2 open/used boxes)

    4 bundles of sage and one bag of loose sage. (Great for campfires to keep away mosquitoes!)

    Shell with stand (I used for burning above sage)
    Pictures are in the following order: Alchemy, Camping and LARP Gear
    Alchemy 3.jpg Alchemy 2.jpg Alchemy 1.jpg
    Alchemy.jpg camping gear.jpg gear bags boxes Ws close up 2.jpg gear bags boxes Ws close up 1.jpg gear bags boxes Ws.jpg
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