LARP in school

First of all, congratulations on your lively forum and projects!

I am a middle-school teacher in Denmark and, although I have never engaged directly with LARP, I am now about to start a Roleplaying lesson for my kids!
Basically, the headmaster asked me to come up with a lesson twice a week that helps 12-15 yo teenagers develop their leadership and communication skills, while finding creative ways to deal with uncertainty and decision making. So, if what I've heard about LARP is true, this is a great oportunity to try how it works.

But again, I have never done it myself and it is hard to judge a priori. I am writing to you hoping to hear your expert advice: how do you see this working?

My idea is to first choose all together a specific world/era, and then divide them into groups so they create different societies from zero, each student deciding what role fits them best - designing the easthetics, creating a back story, controlling the finances, etc. They would regularly meet for competitions or quests, where all the previous preparation is put into practice.

Does it look like something that could work? Do you recommend any pedagogical path that makes it particularly stiumulating for them, or easier to manage for me? Since money will certainly be an issue, do you know of any sites where I can find inspiration for low-cost costumes that students themselves can engage with?

Thanks a bunch!


Alliance Logistics
I've heard of a school in Denmark that utilizes LARP. You might want to contact them directly for advice.