Larping Olympics?


Just got an email from this site. Have a look see everyone!

Justin H-

Hi –

I am e-mailing you as a primary LARP contact. I would like to ask if you would post this to your message board or distribution list as appropriate, if you feel you and other players might be interested. I don’t want to appear to be spamming.


Harald Henning

This summer, on July 4-6, Ye Olde Commons is hosting the Blood Games – a celebratory LARP Gathering and Competition bringing together players from many different LARPs. Forget the Olympics – this is close to home!

There are events scheduled to appeal to every aspect of LARP – the physical challenge of fighting and racing, the talent challenge of music and performance, the mental challenge of games and puzzles, the diplomatic challenge of interacting with teams from many realms. The interaction is sure to be exciting and varied, and the competitions breathtaking.

So gather your team, plan your characters, and get ready for your events!

The web site at has all the details about the event schedule, the rules, and registration.

Questions? For all inquiries feel free to e-mail us at
What are you doing posting this? Your chapter has an event that day!

Everyone go to Moria!


ack didn't even notice the date, yes don't listen to me listen to scott! LOL


and they are using a watered down version of their own rules, including combat, anyone who plays at their games will have an upper hand when it comes to the "game" as the calls will be 2nd nature... :lol: but again I did play in that system for about a I might go up there....not is 4th of July weekend...wife might get mad...

~Matt K.


From what I have seen, the rules are so watered down that there will be no real advantage. The only disadvantage will be if you cannot get your head out of your own game's rules and into the new set.