Last Event Recap and 2023-2024 Winter IBGAs

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Strava Plot

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Legion's bottles were destroyed in Port Morgan in accordance with the deal adventurers made with Rook and Branwen, and the plane of Port Morgan has been fully sealed off, adventurers and refugees sent home for their own protection.

After Legion's defeat and near dissolution by adventurers, they used the stone of the Anan'ta to perform the killing blow upon the primordial enemy. Where the Undying King and Queens Ra'Ban and Na'Rab had become nothing but dust, a diminutive version of the dracolich was left behind and rifted away to trouble Barran no longer. In the aftermath, the bubbles of residual elemental energy fell upon Barran. Where ritual magic is cast, they accumulate and cause a myriad of different effects where they land - upon people, animals, plants, and the land itself. The Anan'ta have pulled back to their planes, and banks of mists carve their way across the face of Barran, containing and sealing away parts at a time.

With the fall of the Undying King, the Kingdom is without a leader, and squabbles for power have given a smokescreen for conscripts to defect. With no leadership and no easy way home, many of them have thrown off their tabards and begun to raid coastal cities for seaworthy vessels and supplies to cross the sea and return to what was Estan Tel'Nava.

A group that had been on patrol caught sight of a young selunari woman who identified herself as Princess Anastasia Bystreva, first watching then having to run from necromancy-twisted Dryads who had emerged from the woods, combatted by werewolves. After having helped her survive the encounter, she promised the group she would take them and a larger force back to the root of the blight that ravaged Knoch'Len. With their escort, Princess Bystreva performed the ritual to end the Legion-twisted ritual on a tree that had been the center of a twisted eternal forest and bountiful harvest. When it was complete, however, the same residual elemental energy began to fall like the first drops of a storm.

Upon their return, adventurers found a portal had opened, ringed by mist, peering through to a desolate ward of a city. Strava, the home of the princess who had been at the heart of the blight and under Legion's influence. What was once a thriving trade city has crumbled in her absence, and she has asked any adventurers who are willing and able to come with her to put her home to rights.

There is much rebuilding to be done in Barran, and ritual magic has become more dangerous than ever until Barran has had a chance to heal. While Barran has not been completely cut off and enveloped by mists as of yet, the banks grow incrementally closer with each passing day.

Winter Actions​

There will be three actions throughout the course of the late Fall to early Spring. You will submit one action at a time, so that you know the outcome of previous actions before pursuing another.

Players do not have to submit all actions to be able to pursue later actions.

If you are planning to travel to Strava: Reach out to AGB's 2024 Head of Plot (Jack) via Discord or - you will be given information about what you can see through the portal as well as some potential leads and hooks to explore through a narrative introduction. The information you are given does not consume one of your actions, but will set you up to then take your first action.

These Winter IBGAs can be done in either Strava or Barran. If you have unfinished business in Barran or want a character to remain there through the Winter, they are not compelled to immediately go to Strava.

To be eligible to participate in IBGAs:
  • You must have played with at least one character throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons.
  • You may only submit IBGAs as one of your characters (each action cannot be a different character.)
What you can do during IBGAs:
  • Explore an area
  • Conduct research
  • Work with the people at a place to reach a goal
  • Practice a character's craft
  • Train
  • Arrange meetings with NPCs
  • Do sneaky things
  • Obtain materials (with GS or resource expenditure)
  • Construct a building
  • Organize hirelings to conduct a task

Each IBGA represents approximately a month. With this, you will only be able to complete one action for each month.

If you have questions reach out to Jack via discord or

Submit your IBGA here:
Link to Winter IBGA Form
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