Late November Solar Services


Chicago Staff
As the weather continues to turn and even the Kingdom's enimies buckle down for the winter; this will be the last opportunities before The King's Feast for services and hands on education from The Solar Guild. Additionally keeping in mind various need before the impending attack of the Olothens...

Ritual Casting
Cost: 5 silver per difficulty needed, of the most difficult ritual within the batch.

As there has been some gossip on this. This price is made with batch casting in mind, where you pay for the batch, and the most difficult ritual within that batch. It is not a "per ritual" cost, it instead covers the base ritual cost for every ritual within that batch. If you only need a single ritual cast, ensure to discuss it with the Solar guild member as I am sure they will be happy to work out with you a different cost if your needed batch is only such a small casting or need of their time/skill.

Ritual augmentation is another matter and its costs tend to be in addition of the ritual batch basic cost. Each formalist tends to set their own price however a good expectation for most smaller augmentations is 1 Gold per augmentation. Journeyman Fredrick generally requests that anyone seeking any ritual to have True Conservation or another augmentation that is more difficult to contact him in advance to discuss your specific needs as well discuss when will he will be available to offer such a casting.

Filled celestial Spell stores
A celestial spell store can be filled with spells of your choice. This is done on a first come first serve basis and only are available so long as each member is capable of performing the task.

Ward Casting
Option 1. Your ward is cast from the Solar Member's memory. While it tends to be the least expensive - it also means that the caster will be invested in your desired ward

Option 2. Cast from a Spell store. While slightly more expensive, the caster will *not* be invested in your ward. For option 2, you provide your own spell store.

Option 3. As option 2, however the caster provides use of their spell store.

All Wards are equally first come first serve, and are available while individual members are able/willing. The cost of Wards varies by member as each of our mastery of such magics & high magic is different. Ensure to request one in advance, tonsecure that you are able to get one.

Has a cost appropriate to that of ritual casting. In that it is variable based on the difficulty of the ritual.

Reach out to us in this missive or directly...