Latex Shields


Is there a company that makes shields that have the foam edge for Alliance standards yet? Is it relatively easy to get a latex shield and add the foam yourself?

Anyone come across this yet, or is making your own shield from wood/plastic/foam still the optimal choice?


Latex shields are generally made of foam and covered in latex. So long as they don't have any sort of hard plastic or other material around the edges and fit the size requirements they should pass. No need to add foam over foam.


I'd say find the specs for the shield you're looking at and pass them along to the HoR or whoever approves latex weapons in the chapter you want to use it for. They'll be able to give you a "order it and we'll see" or a "No."


Honestly I have see quite a few of these. They are all generally softer than latex weapons and well within size reqs. If you brought it to me I would just check it was in one peice. I suspect they are officially as provisional as latex weapons themselves.


Gettysburg Staff
As a weapon marshal in two chapters I would agree with both Phedre and Simon. If they're built as I've seen described in several places including this thread they stand a good chance of being passed, but sending the specs to the chapter in question is a good idea to make sure you're not wasting your money.


I use one from Epic Armory and it has been marshalled and approved at the Calgary chapter without any mods.