Laws of the Lands


Hello all,
My name is Zakar Velnix and I have recently begun a study into the laws of Forntanis. In some shards, the laws are simple enough to track down, but in others it can be quite difficult. If anyone has a current compendium of their shard’s laws, I would be most greatful to get a look at it when I visit next.
Any help would be appreciated in this endevour.
Safe travels to you and yours
-Zakar Velnix


Greetings, Zakar,

I would be happy to help you with a copy of the Kingdom of Strayden's laws. I understand folks from many parts of Fortannis will be joining an expedition to the Voridium Shard next month; will you or someone from your lands be attending? If so I can pass off a copy to you or your proxy there.

-Lord Polare Lissenstine of Strayden