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  1. TadRon

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    Here are the scrolls that you can buy with Goblin Stamps in our chapter. All scrolls must be cast in game either via PC or NPC. Also if even one of these scrolls is used in a batch with other scrolls then the entire batch will become LCO. These scrolls DO NOT require reagents. A star next to the name of the scroll denotes that the scroll requires a Catalyst. The # next to a scroll means that you must also perform an in game mod to get that Catalyst.


    Catalysts: Same as scroll.

    1 Catalyst can be purchased per year per scroll.

    Arcane Armor: 1000

    Audible Projection: 100

    Bane: 400

    *Banish to <Other Plane>: 250

    Boost Duration: 500

    Channel Spell: 250

    Circle Lock: 250

    Cloak: 250

    Cloak of Darkness: 250

    *Conjure Artifact: 500

    *Construct: 500

    Contact Other Plane: 250

    *Copy Formal Scroll: 500

    Create Limited Circle of Power: 1000

    Damage Aura: 750

    *Destroy Magic: 750, (will not effect restricted items)

    Earth/Chaos Aura: 750

    Elemental Aura: 750

    Elemental Burst: 500

    Enchant: 250

    Enhance Wand: 250

    Expanded Enchantment: 250

    Extend Battle Magic Duration: 500

    *Gift of Life: 250

    Greater Wand: 250

    Haven of the Living/Domain of the Defiled: 750

    Heal Golem: 250

    Investiture/Divestiture: 250

    Item Recall: 500

    Lore: 100

    Mark/Unmark: 100

    * # Master Construct: 1000

    Monster Slayer: 750

    *Obfuscate: 1000

    *Permanent Duration: 1000

    Planar Asylum: 500

    *Planar Gate: 500

    Preserve Duration: 750

    *Proscribe: 500

    Race Reaver: 750

    Render Indestructible Improved: 750

    Resist Destroy Magic: 250

    Sacrifice: 500

    Spell Parry: 250

    Spell Store: 500, (casting limit of 10 only)

    Spirit Farewell: 100

    Spirit Link: 500

    Spirit Lock: 500

    Spirit Recall: 500

    Spirit Walk: 500

    Store Ability: 250

    *Summon Elemental <Foundation>: 500

    *Summon Elemental <Magistarium>: 500

    *Summon Extra Planar Creature: 500

    *Summon Magical Creature: 500

    Summon Undead <Corporeal>/<Skeletal>/<Spectral>: 500

    *Transfer Enchantment: 500

    Vengeance: 500

    Vision: 100

    Warder Glyph: 500

    Whispering Wind: 100
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  2. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    What doe the * and # mean?
  3. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    * denotes rituals that have a catalyst, from what I can tell.
  4. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    I wish Enan wasn't a werebear, it would be fun to buy some summon undead scrolls that are level of formal based. Just "Yeah premod, I'm going to send in 104 Jade Skeletons to soften things up."
  5. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Added a descriptor. Thank you Alexander :).
  6. norman b

    norman b Squire Oregon Staff Marshal

    For the scrolls that can vary is level (arcane armor) are these costs for the ability to cast them at max level?
  7. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Yeah. We used to have separate reagents to make it harder to cast higher level scrolls but then there were too many other problems that came up. So we went to a one size fits all kind of system for certain scrolls such as arcane armor and DA. As with anything our chapter is always open to suggestions on how to make it more fair or more efficient, but as of right now yeah its a one price for max level kind of deal.
  8. Anique

    Anique Adept

    Master construct cat is the only one requiring a mod?
  9. Anique

    Anique Adept

    Not that I mind mods :) Just seems odd.
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  10. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    When does the 'per year' on catalysts reset? Calendar year? Larp Season? 1 year cool-down since last purchase?
  11. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Calendar year for ease of keeping track.
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  12. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    Are these Scrolls able to be spell crafted off of? Even though they don't require reagents?
  13. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Currently most are not. Thanks to the conversation we all had at afters I am considering changing some things. I will post up as soon as I have time to rework this feature. It is a top priority for me but I have to make plot is ready for first event first then I will get on it ;).
  14. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    Sounds good. To go on record, I was fine with the way you were running it. Just wanted to confirm the situation for everyone, before people grab LCoP scrolls to spellcraft off of, via season pass picks. (as it's the highest GS cost, without a catalyst) Plot stuff sounds good.

  15. Alkalin3

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    Mana. Mana. Mana. Mana. Mana.
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  16. Alkalin3

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  17. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    Disagree ^
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  18. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Templar South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Is there a reason "Resonance" isn't on this list?
  19. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    I don't see any of the RP only scrolls.
  20. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    You get your RP out of my combat game Joe!
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