Let it be known

Here, before you all and the Earth itself I, Ria Vladimir Yulionov Dragovich have take Surion as my Childe. On this day of loss, let us not lose hope. Let us not walk blindly in the darkness. Let us carry the torch proudly into the night and face its horrors.

Mozhet zemlya smotret' i zashchishchat' tebya

Surion Maedhros

New Hampshire Staff
I, Childe Surion Maedhros of Moonsong, will accept the teaching of Ria Dragovich. We all carry the burden of Sevaria's passing, and while we will never replace her, I know we will do her memory the great justice it deserves. Maya does not leave her children.

Vir schutzen und ehren die Toten des Obelisken

- S


Even after the end of the world, the tear-stained earth still drinks deep the life-giving blood of her fallen defenders.

The Hollow Isle salutes Ria Sevaria of Goshawk, and welcomes anew Childe Surion Maedhros of Moonsong, who shall continue to be granted the courtesy afforded a Squire of the Eirean Realm.

May the comforts we can offer be equal to the strife you shall continue to endure.

Justicar Magistrate Tellespen Rookwall