Let's Be Direct


Greetings adventurers of Catherine's Corner,

I know how you are likely to try to play shy and sneaky hoping to surprise me, obviously that's not going to happen. I love a good fight, and frankly I'd rather not have to hunt you down later when you come up with some complicated plan to stave off my inevitable victory. So here is the deal, I will hold off taking another mantle until early Saturday on your next gathering, at which time I will begin taking mantles, probably starting with your little friend 'V'. If you want to stop me from doing this, you know what you have to do. Oppose me, Fight me, put your lives, pride, honor, and treasure on the line and I guarantee that you shall not leave with all of those intact.

You know the time, you can decide the place it does not matter to me. I will begin my assault on schedule and use what ever powers and minions are at my disposal to ensure I carry the day with a minimum of delay. You are free, no...encouraged to make as many plans as possible, to summon as many allies as possible, to tell the entirety of HearthGlen that conflict is coming and there is no avoiding it.

I can only hope that you will all chose a brave death over a cowardly defeat, I will see you all who are willing to stand on the battlefield. If you, again, choose to flee from my very presence, than I wish you an exciting life in the world I am going to create.

- Daerim