Let's Build a Village at Nationals!

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Do you have a canopy that you can deck out with sweet in-game decorations? Help us create a whole village at the 2020 National Event!

We are looking for some of our more local players (most likely Chicago, Minnesota, and Michigan) to help us create some additional in-game public hangout spots around our central tavern building! Travelers from afar are also welcome to participate, of course, but we figure you’re less likely to come trekking across the country with a canopy and decorations.

If you can bring things like canopies, chairs, tables, tablecloths, banners, wall hangings, lanterns, props, etc., and set up a neat spot for folks to hang out at throughout the event, we encourage you to do so! The more atmospheric, the better!

Quite apart from adding to the in-game atmosphere, we’re planning on having a lot of players at the event, and having some extra canopies will help keep everyone able to have some nice hangout areas near the hub building without it getting too crowded in any one spot.

Due to the anticipated number of players and the desire to keep communal spaces from getting too cluttered, please note that we are not going to be letting players set up things like table businesses, Limited Circles of Power, etc. inside the actual tavern hub building itself. However, the area outside the tavern is perfect for these kinds of things, and we’d love to see an assortment of mercantile tents, magical outposts, craftsman encampments, and whatnot! Thanks for understanding!

2020 National Event Head of Plot
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Define in-period. :) Are you looking for a Viking wedge, a medieval pavillion, an early modern wall tent?


Define in-period. :) Are you looking for a Viking wedge, a medieval pavillion, an early modern wall tent?
Something appropriate to Alliance LARP... I Ideally something for elves. And ideally something with a “porch” overhang for sun/rain protection when meeting guests outside.


I personally still haven't found a tent I entirely like, although my current one is an inexpensive giant Ozark Trail yurt that I still haven't gotten to use. The biggest dealer I know of that's well reviewed are Panther Primitives, who make very nice tents but aren't remotely inexpensive. Something like their wall tents would have the features you're looking for as far as an awning for an overhang, but you're looking at ~$800 and up for a 10 x 8.

Something like a Danchel cotton canvas bell tent would be more cost effective at $380, but less useful due to the angle of the roof limiting available headroom for the floor space.
Hey there!

Chicago Alliance player here, and partner in the LARP prop/costume workshop, Gargoyle Forge!

Our intent is to be out at the national event with our goods for sale in portable shop form, but that's not why I'm posting here.

In the quest for more economical ways of adding to decorum, we found a company on Facebook that makes all-weather covers for 10x10 pop-up tents that give them a faux festival tent feel, and we will be using ours at National for both shop space and to add to the festival feel! Ours was a full 10x10 set up including walls and leg covers, and ran about $350!

Independent plug - Check out the folks at Covering Up Historically on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CoveringUpHistorically/

And best to everyone for a relaunch of LARPing next year!

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