Let's decipher some maps! (Earthweavers' Guild)

Noman places a book back on the shelf of the Earthweavers' Guild library. It was a book on cryptography that he had spotted previously, but this time, he wasn't just taking a quick glance at it, he came here specifically to read that book. Now much more confident in his skills, he heads out to look for the Fatespinner...or Frederick...or Moebius, anyone who would know where those maps ended up. "Let's see...I think two of them were in the Arcane Sanctum...I'd probably need special permission to go there. It was the Fatespinner who found the third, and, last I checked, Victoria still has the fourth..." Noman sighs. "Frederick and Moebius were working something out to try and 'share' the maps we have in our possession. If I could find one of them, it would be quite helpful...but for now, I suppose I'll work on the map the Fatespinner located." He nods to himself and goes to locate said map...or someone who would know where it got stored.

EDIT: Continued in Fatespinner's Room
"...so this text here says 'Nightshade Goblins,' and that makes this final landmark...'Battle Pf Lost Souls'? Did I transcribe that right?" :er:
Noman double-checks his notes. "Hmmm...well, everything else works out right. Must be a scripting error." He takes one more look over his notes, lightly circling two of the location names. "Right, so the locations that matter are the Tower Of Alzoon and the Water Portal. Hm...pretty sure that map with the Celestial text had a portal mentioned on ITS relevant section as well. So...are there going to be four portals in all?" He ponders the possible relevance of the number 4 as he contemplates what to do next. Sharing his translations with the others investigating the maps couldn't hurt...


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