Lets share our logos and get feed back.

Robb G

gotta agree with Mike V here. logos should be radically simple and as few colors as possible to make them easily to recognize and replicate on various media


Something that definitely needs to be kept in mind: other boffer LARP or Role Play organization logos. Below are the logos for SCA, Belegarth, Dagorhir, and X-Treme LARP. Two include shields, three include weapons... two of which are obviously boffer weapons.


Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
Well, a banner across a web page is not necessarily the same thing as a Logo.

We can have a logo and then for the banner have all kinds of things in the background.

The logo should be the letters themselves, and should be simple. I personally like (so far) using the current font with the spell packet for the dot over the i. Maybe the font could be a bit thicker too to show up from a distance.

I mean, think of the old NERO logo. All it really was was the uncial font but with an elongated R, but it was instantly recognizable. That's all we really need...


No matter if those are their actual logos or not (and by the html tags the answer to that in general is YES those ARE their logos) it is what people think of if they go through those games' websites. Those images are all linked mentally to the specific games. That is why it should be kept in mind... making sure not to have people get the games confused.


Is there a specific name for the font you were referring to? or an example I could take a look at?
Actually, that image is not the SCA logo. The logo is just the shield with the foliage on it with the letters SCA either below the shield or on the shield. Very simple. The image above is a logo that has been altered and prettied up for a website banner.

The logo itself should be simple. The most recognizable logos in the world are simple. Coca Cola is number one in almost every ranking and it's words only. Nike, Apple, Volkswagen, Mercedes, IBM, AT&T, Marvel, DC, etc. etc. are all simple. Colors can be important too, but isn't always. Red and white is coke, blue and red is pepsi, Budweiser is red, etc. The nike swish comes in many colors. Having a consistent color might not be a bad idea.

These crests and more complicated pictures are really good, but not necessarily right for a logo, IMO. Having it be doodle-able is not bad either. Just about any rock fan my age can still draw the Van Halen logo or the Kiss logo.