[.11] Lets talk about 10 minute aura effects


Why are all the aura's only on for 10 mins? I am not a fan of having another timer to track, which lets face it, it is really hard to track 10 mins in a big saturday night fight.

I guess I just dont see a reason for Auras to be limited to 10 mins, they dont add damage. They can do double damage verse very specific element weakness. Healing Aura doesn't even do double damage at all anymore.

If you limited a weapon to 1 aura/slayer/reaver it seems fine to allow them to be always on. Less timed effects to track and make the ritual actually worth having. I just cant see stacking a 6 Magic auras on a weapon to swing a carrier for an hour. It makes those rituals super terrible imo. Border lined unusable.

Am I wrong on this one? Or not seeing some reason to keep them very limited?


Oregon Staff
Actually, limiting it to 1 aura and being unable to swing "normal" or "silver" with the weapon would do the trick. Your earth blade is useless against the living, and your flame blade is no good against salamanders. Seems like a reasonable drawback.


South Michigan Staff
SoMI has been running with an LCO rule this year similar to this:

Chaos/Earth/Elemental Aura Ritual:
NPC Monster body has increased exponentially in response to the double damage effect created by these Rituals. The Rituals allows a small number of Players to overwhelm the NPCs making up an encounter, resulting in a negligible experience for the majority of Players. Additionally NPC Monsters receive additional Physical Defenses, which decrease the value of Player Blade skills in favor of the ability to do more Damage.
LCO Rule: A Player cannot suppress or switch the Carrier Attack of any Weapon enchanted with the Chaos/Earth/Elemental Aura Ritual (i.e. a sword with a Flame Aura will always swing the Flame Carrier Attack). All other Carrier Attacks on the weapon are superseded by the Aura Ritual (i.e. a silver sword with a Damage Aura and a Flame Aura will always swing the Flame Carrier Attack, it cannot swing Silver or Magic)
Players with weapons enchanted with multiple Aura Rituals must select one Aura Ritual at the beginning of the Event to serve as the Carrier Attack for the Event. The Effect will not change if a different Player uses the weapon during an Event.
If a Player with an Aura Enchanted Weapon is affected by a Chaos/Earth/Elemental/Magic Blade Spell, their weapon will swing a different Carrier Attack for the duration of the Spell and then return to its default flavor.
NPC Balance: The amount of Body possessed by NPC Monsters will decrease and NPC Monsters that are particularly susceptible to to Chaos/Earth/Elemental Damage will see changes to Defenses.
While I don't have a blade skill, I've seen the effects of this already (as a PC, NPC, and Plot Member) have a really positive change on our game. It's made wandering monsters possible again (as they don't have to have extra body and run the risk of killing low level PCs who don't have these rituals), as well as forced people to either carry around multiple weapons or be prepared for the fact that they may not be able to damage certain creatures. I'm sure others may have differing opinions, but so far I've enjoyed this change a lot.


I would really love to see this used in 2.0, it will make auras alot more interesting. And not make me track 10 min timers all the time.