[.11] Level 9 potions/scrolls


The packet lists Cure/Cause Wounds and Evocation Bolt as 5 PP per level to potion/scroll, but there's no mention of maximum level. Are 9th level versions of these intended to be legal to produce? I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I've heard a few people assume the opposite.


Definetly curious about this as well. As a crafter, would be nice to be able to make higher point healing potions for the fighters around me with 100+ body.
At current, you cannot Potion or Scroll any 9th level spells, including Signature spells.

There is currently no talk of including them on standard lists in the Crafting Committee, for various reasons.


Please be sure to clarify that in the final crafting tables then.

I'm super curious why you'd bother banning an extra 5 points of healing/damage. Alchemy gets "9th level" (45 PP) consumables already.
It will be.

Allowing one level 9 spell to be allowed to be Potioned/Scrolled opens the gates for all of them to be Potioned/Scrolled. There is currently no talk in the committee to allow that.

Alchemy is generally more expensive to produce than the equivalent Scroll or Potion, and with the removal of Death Elixirs, it no longer duplicates the effects of any level 9 spells.


Not wanting to let Life Potions and Ward Scrolls in seems reasonable, but I also can't make Earth Storm potions, Poison Shield potions, Magic Storm scrolls, etc, and yet Signature Spells potions/scrolls at those levels pose no issues.


Signature spells at those levels certainly give food for thought, but at this time you should expect that 9th level spells remain as they are; unproductionable.

Which isn't to say that we aren't working on some things behind the curtains, but what we work on and what goes live may end up being two very different things and I wouldn't want anyone to expect anything and end up disappointed.


Ever so slightly off-topic, but still relevant: does this mean traps have a ceiling damage as well?
At current, we haven't looked at that; in general, I'm going to say I'd be against that, as traps are significantly more niche than most other production, so I don't see a pressing need to place a hard cap on it.

I'm just on my break at work, but I can elaborate more later, if anyone is interested.


No upwards damage capacity on traps would sure make them more desirable as a skillset...


I want slottable traps, namely, traps that can have additional “launched attacks.” A gas trap that has four poisons, or a scroll trap with 4 x 40 Evokes is waaaaay cool, and I think it would potentially draw away from the world of Explosive Traps Or Bust.
A similar ability was briefly discussed for traps as a capstone (20 Ranks) in the committee, but it was ultimately rejected. If that's something you'd like to see, a new Ritual might be the way to go. :)