Lightning And Dust personas that come into town.


They come into town as a pair. You will recognize the Lightning mark on one's face. The other, Dust, will most likely look like someone you knew, know or trust. Dust lies, don't listen to that one.

Easiest way to tell, is look for which one the lightning guy needs to ask for permission from to give answers.

Lightning is an excellent source of information and should be pummeled with questions.
Dust should be ignored.

I disagree with ignoring Dust for multiple reasons.

They're committed to deception, so if you ask the right questions you can actually infer information from their lies.

Also, some of the stuff they say is hilarious. Just don't trust what they tell you.

I do agree about Lighting, though.


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excellent information from both of you. I will keep that in mind next time i encounter them.

He is paying for that information, are we concerned about that?
Sometimes the price comes from himself, or from what I understand the plane of lightning itself?
Also the lightning elemental is not being held against his will, he wants us to have the information. He just pays for it.
This is what I understand from talking to him.

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You make a very good point Collette.

This is how the Plane of Lightning and the Plane of Dust fight during a planar war. By asking all of these questions to Lightning, we may inadvertently be weakening them and strengthening Dust.

We should look into this so that we don't give Dust too much power and make things worse.

-Banradi Irani Moduri Newberry


I think this is worth looking into.

However, Lightning wants knowledge spread. So they are answering the questions for a reason, because they feel it's important. This past market day, the lightning guy basically told me I was way off base with Alacar, and to do more research in libraries before coming back to Lightning with questions. With that information, I feel Lightning is not forced to tell us anything, and any cost they pay is worth it, in their mind.

I'm not sure the exact exchange of power but the more we spread knowledge, the more it should help Lightning. Even just this conversation, should help in some way.

Lightning is too valuable of a resource to not take advantage of. We just need to make sure, every answer we get from Lightning, is spread to the rest of the adventurers, so they don't have to re-pay.



You all are fools if you trust anything that either of them say. While the lightning elementals are "trying to help you" they have their own agenda. Both sides are at war and information is never free. Keep asking them if you must, but know you were warned, and when they come to collect their debt, you've dug your own hole.
Brothers, I expected more sense from you at least.

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Sorry for the disturbance. My whiny brother is afraid of a little lightning because they keep telling him he's going to die.

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In general I tend to agree with your dreamings, however I would be cautious on the following:
I'm not sure the exact exchange of power but the more we spread knowledge, the more it should help Lightning. Even just this conversation, should help in some way.
I doubt that going around and telling people everything is going to directly help out Lightning. However, it does make sense to share information so that multiple people don't have to ask Lightning the same question (as you mentioned previously) and weaken it more that it needs to.

It is also important to note (and continually stress) that although we are currently benefiting from Lightning, we do not want to aid them or any of the other planes in the war. If any of the planes are destroyed, it throws off the balance of the system and sends us in a slow and painful spiral towards oblivion.

This whole thing is a delicate system, and is best for us to stay back and observe the war. Only interfere if something directly opposes this balance (ex: The Planar Knights, one plane getting too much power, one plane without enough power, etc.).

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Banradi Irani Moduri Newberry
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I just wanted to add that the lightning elementals will give us information whether or not Dust is making them pay for it so maybe we can do something about it so not only is the information free, (or in the case of Ardos's warning not free but not taking power away from the plane of lightning) but also we aren't upsetting a balance.

I will also say I haven't exactly been interacting with lightning as long as everyone else being a but newer to Dragon reach but this is just what I've inferred. I could be wrong in this.

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Every question answered while they are together does cause an imbalance. Lightning will only pay what that information is worth, so while the planar balance is slightly, and I do mean slightly, put off balance a balance is maintained. I would ask what you can provide to help offset the planar imbalance. Components and Elemental Essences should do the trick.



What could be done with components and essence?
I'd be hesitant to try and fix the balance. We don't know how far in one direction a question tilts things, so how wold we know how many components or essence to use.

Gideon, we can ask them, lightning doesn't lie.