List of People who Donated for June 2nd

Discussion in 'Traverse City: Out of Game' started by TadRon, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Hello all! Below is a list of people who received goblin stamps for donations this past event:

    Mike Long
    Matt Byers
    Tom Andary
    Joe Convery

    If you donated something and are not on this list please respond here or message me in any other way you normally do so I can get your goblin stamps added ASAP!

    Thank you all :).

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  2. HaVok(mike)

    HaVok(mike) Newbie

    Do we have an updated list of requested donations?
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  3. PYKE

    PYKE Scholar

    Full camp site is our biggest request so far. Many many gobbies for that
  4. Cory Walker

    Cory Walker Artisan

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  5. I have two pairs of kin ears for NPC camp, I just haven't handed over, and probably won't till the event.
  6. Cory Walker

    Cory Walker Artisan


    You should see a posting for June 30 donations with your name if you donate.


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