Lockpicking in Calgary


(Stolen, uhm borrowed, from Alliance San Francisco)

So in Alberta it is not legal to carry lockpicks on you unless you are a licensed locksmith. If the police stop you and you have them they can "relieve you" of them and if there was a break and enter in the vicinity you will be in even more problems. As such we will be looking at using a system similar to Alliance San Fran:

• We have created 3D printed Locks. These are to be affixed to the item that it is locking, but not to be used as an actual lock (due to Shatter and Destroy).
• The person wishing to pick the lock must present a set of “tools” with which they could do so. These should not be real lock picks. What you will require is a set of "precision screwdrivers" with various heads (hex, phillips, slot, allen key etc). You can pick up a very good set at Rona or Princess Auto for about 12-15 dollars. http://www.rona.ca/en/screwdriver-and-nut-driver-set
• A lock will have a set amount of nuts and screws depending on the level of the lock.
• The player must unscrew each one. DO NOT LOSE THE SCREWS!

A shattered lock will be tagged with a red ribbon by a Cabin marshal. This way it is obvious when someone returns, the lock has been shattered instead of just picked. If a lock is shattered on a module, the plot member will just removed the lock.

By using this method, we circumvent any potential clashing with Alberta law.

We also feel that locks should be a production item and as such, they will be. Locks are created with the Create Trap production skill.

Basic Lock 5pp 1 Flat Head Screw
Common Lock 10pp 2 Flat Head Screws
Heavy Lock 15pp 3 Screws with any head
Complex Lock 25pp 4 screws with any style head
Byzantine Lock 40pp 5 screws. 1 should be a unique head (allen key or hex)
Daedalean Lock 65pp 6 screws 2 should be unique heads (allen key or hex)
Gordian Lock 85pp 7 screws. Up to 3 can be unique heads

Any lock will be tagged appropriately. These tags should be affixed on the back side of the lock (leaving the screw-heads free to be worked on).

As of 2016: Locks will also have an associated KEY tag. This tag is to remain on the PC if the lock is used to "secure" a Cabin. Each PC in the Cabin therefore requires a copy of the key. This costs IG money and PP from a Trapsmith. There is no limit to how many keys a lock can have (just like a real lock).

Any LOCK you loot may, (or may not) have the key with it. If you purchase a LOCK with Goblin Stamps, or with the use of Create Trap skill, the KEY is automatically created with it.

On the LOCK tag, you will write a unique code for that lock (you will make up your own. We suggest your Real Name Initials and then 3 numbers. e.g. CJF123). They KEY tag will have to have the associated combination as well (again CJF123).

If you are entering a Cabin, a Marshal can challenge you to produce the Key Tag to enter. If you cannot do so, you cannot enter the cabin. (Or you have to pick the lock!). So ensure you have a key!

Within the Cabin, your LOCKS and KEYS are up to you to have. If you lose either tag (the LOCK or the KEY) you cannot get into that secured item until it's found or replaced.

KEYS may NOT be placed within the container that has the LOCK attached. (So not putting all your keys within multiple locked items with NO WAY to unlock at least one of them.)

Yes, you can steal a LOCK or KEY tag. If you have the LOCK tag, you can get a Trapsmith to re-create the key for you. This cost DOUBLE the original key, but can be done. The code on the KEY tag will then match the LOCK.

Any current LOCK tags will require the PC to bring them to Logistics for a KEY tag to go with them as well. Please do this at your next event you attend.

Basic KEY 5PP for 2 Keys
Common KEY 5PP
Heavy KEY 8PP
Complex KEY 10PP
Byzantine KEY 15PP
Daedalean KEY 25PP
Gordian KEY 40PP

Please remember that lock tags and this method of lock picking is LCO and will not work at other chapters.

This policy is still under development and may be subject to change at any time.

Alliance Calgary would like to thank Alliance San Francisco and Sarah Dzeima for the original concept.
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As an update: We have been able to create locks with 3D printers. These locks use screws and nuts held into place the hook for the lock body. They are $10.00 to print and we can do various colors for PCs. Going forward these will replace all rope locks in the 2015 Season.

Check out the lock pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.684451891646981&type=1
Cory can I order a heavy lock made in black for next game please? I picked up the tag and just need the phys rep now :)
Can we gobbie additional keys, like any other production item?