Logistics Policies

I wanted to remind everyone of a few things regarding Logistics that I would like to see people doing.

First off, pre-logistics. For the most part, people are pre-logisting their PCs, and that is great. Keep doing that, those of you that have been. If you haven't, please start. It really helps to make game day logistics go smoothly. However, it would also be helpful to have people pre-logisting for NPCing as well. When you pre-reg to NPC, please also indicate the character you would like your event credit applied to (or if you just want gobbies), the chapter that character is housed in, and if you are requesting a teacher card for that character; the same information you would write on the sign-up sheet in NPC camp.

Secondly, if you want a transfer, please be early about it. Our logistics person is really, really, REALLY good and I want to keep them happy. That means respecting that logistics is a volunteer position and has to come after their actual full-time job and other real life responsibilities. The sooner you request the transfer, the sooner it will get done, so Monday or Tuesday are better than Thursday and Friday. On a closely related point, please allow 24 hours for action on a request from logistics. If there is a problem where Logistics cannot take care of something within 24 hours, please follow up with a second email to Logistics and cc me at deadlandsovermind at gmail. This does work better if you send your first email early in the week, so do please try and do that.

Basic Policies-

We have a pre-logist form set up on our website now, which means you now have a handy, dandy form to help you pre-logist for an event so you don't forget any important bits of information that we may need!

Also, with our ratio, filling out our form helps guarantee that you have reserved your spot as a PC with us for the upcoming event! Very important stuff.

Please NPCs and PCs both, when you know you're coming to join us for a weekend, fill out our pre-logist form on our "Pre-Registration" Page off of our website.


Any questions can be directed to myself at deadlandsgm@gmail.com

Pre-Registration AND Pre-Logistics closes the Monday before any event at Midnight Sharp.

The Pre-Reg Cost is $45.00 for a full weekend event. $60.00 at the door.

Pre Reg your payment via paypal here: http://www.alliancedeadlands.com/index. ... e=services

- Pre-Registration: Have your home chapter send us your current Character Card
- Even fighters should pre-logist. That's one less person in line.

Magic Item Battle Boards-
For those of you with magic items, we are now offering a battle board in Microsoft XL format that you can fill out and submit with your Pre-Logistics.

Use of the Battle Board is highly recommended for Teams as there are multiple "items" per page and they can be cut up to be distributed to your team members. However, anyone may use this. (We actually want EVERYONE to battle board their items, if possible!)

Using the Battle Boards will save tons of time and paper in logistics as well as keeping us Logistics Peeps a tad more sane!

Please email Deadlandslog@gmail.com to request a blank copy!

All you need do is list the item #, effects and "O" for however many times you have the skill per day. At logistics we will match the yellow magic item tag to the battle board and will sign off on the board. And you're good to go. No more tags! Woot.

Alliance NH accepts tags from other chapters so all 'Times Ever' items should already have tags and will therefore not be needed for the battle boards. Those items will still need to be checked and verified by logistics however!

Remember you can request a blank copy for yourself. The idea is that you can save it, update it between events and re-send it with your next logistics. I.E., much less tracking on your part as well.