Looking for a formalist


Any Formalists attending the next gathering? I am just a little shy of casting something as safely as possible, and would like some assistance.

I will not be at this next one, perhaps the next.

Unfortunately, I think the boost will run out before the following event. Thank you though.

Do you need a celestialist? If Earth will suffice, I am happy to help although am only approximately 17 tomes of study myself so perhaps insufficient for your needs as well.

Thank you for the offer Kitaruen, but yes I do need celestial.

I believe your own skill surpasses my own.
The highest tier of damage auras and such is beyond my abilities.
Cloaks, banes, expanded enchants and such I can assist with.

You flatter me. I have just recently begun learning formal.

I'm trying to cast a full preserve. Would you be willing to take a rank of High Magic formal link and assist me, or cast it for me completely? Either is fine for me, just tell me what you would want as payment. (Gold, components etc)

I could do 16 rituals at maximum chance of success. If you are more skilled, I shall take formal link for you.
Should our skill be comparable, I would prefer to simply assist, as it is your batch.
I always need gold. Whatever amount you feel is suitable will do.

As a full preserve is best cast with 13 tomes you should have what you need Gideon.

I believe Ahlana was referring 16 rituals of a preserve (not 20) as a measure of her skill in formal.

We are quite similar in ability Ahlana.
Once I get a better sense of how much of my spirit I can to put towards learning more formal, I will tell you how much formal link I would like you to take Ahlana. It shouldn't be more than 1 or 2.

thank you.

No Formal link required but I still need your help. I believe the addition of a single extra caster should be all I need.

Thank you for your help Ahlana.