Looking for a Silver Mace

Hey all! There's a group of us coming in from Utah and a couple of us will be playing new characters. One in particular is looking for a silver mace to purchase. Is there anyone who might be willing to accommodate such a transaction?

See you all this weekend!

Charles-Eugéne Axel-LeBlanc / Brother Kune
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It's a pleasure to meet you through the dreamings. The Merchants Guild of New Acarthia will be bringing it's wares to the upcoming ducal gather in Ungteen. If my records are correct, the guild has a Silver Long Mace in stock, and would certainly be willing to facilitate the purchase of this item. If not, I am myself a Master smith, and could forge you either a new silvered mace to your desired specifications, or perhaps add silver properties to an existing mace that you own. In any case, come find me at the gather, and we will discuss costs, and can get this taken care of for you.

Court Blacksmith of the Barony of Tiatar
Assistant Guildmaster of the Merchant's Guild of New Acarthia