Looking for a Tambourine


HQ Staff
Um, hello, everyone.

My court seems to be in need of a, er, tambourine, if anyone has one they could loan us for the upcoming gather? I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to seeing everyone!

-Squire Kailani of Ash Forest


Gettysburg Staff
I am practically buried under drums and an obnoxious diminuitive guitar, quite nearly smothered under awful miniature cymbals, and everywhere I turn I am set upon all sides by even more drums, and you want a tambourine?

I am sorry to say I cannot help you, my dear. But, happily, I shall see you soon! Be safe until we meet - I am so very sincerely glad we shall meet anon!



HQ Staff
They're, uh, kind of like a drum, only flat, and they've got metal discs around the edges so that when you hit it, they jingle. Or so I'm told- I've never actually seen one. I would be happy to provide compensation if you can make one for us!

V, I appreciate the sentiment. I really can't wait to see you. Stay safe 'till we meet.