Looking for folks to work with


Hey Everyone, What's happening?

I enjoyed coming out to visit your lands and I think I'll be sticking around for awhile. Because of that I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone about could help me out. I've never been any good with money or figuring out exactly what to do, I'm better at fighting than planning. So I'm looking for folks I can hang out with and help.

Why I'm good to have around, I'm fairly tough and hard to knock down.

What I'm looking for is folks to fight with or along side of that can take advantage of when I get things attention. Also someone to deal with the money and stuff we find because I'm really not any good at that. I don't need anything other than a suit of Armor, a Shield and long Sword and I already have all that. Also someone who can heal would be good as I do tend to fall down eventually.

It doesn't matter how strong or experienced you are, and I don't need any specific skills to fight alongside as long as you participate in some way.

Looking forward to working with you, who ever you may be.

Turtlekyn Warrior