Looking for National Publicity and Marketing Lead


Atlanta Staff
Good afternoon Alliance!

I am looking for a lead for the Publicity and Marketing committee!

This committee has historically been a public relations/customer service committee, but with talks of some significant updates to our support tools, it is also time for an update to our presence on and off the web!

With that in mind some of the specific goals for this committee will be as follows,

1. Content - we are coming up on the back end of everyone's seasons over the next couple of months and it's a great time now to push for pics/video/generalized content to build awareness of what, who, and where we are currently. Chapter spotlights, player spotlights, educational materials, wizardin' wednesday's, etc. Creating a significant backlog of consistent items to create a release cadence from will go a long way to help everyone be more active and reach a bigger audience.

2. New chapter recruitment - this isn't chapter recruitment for newly opening chapters, this is building materials targeting a potential new chapter owner. What kind of media and other campaigns can we get spun up which will help us to continue to grow our footprint over the next 365/730 days. Great opportunity to work on building personas, and creating a portfolio for your next marketing position.

3. Managed content calendar - we should always have a 90 day supply for Facebook/discord ready to go and scheduled for delivery.

4. Convention and Faire support - this can be calendars, quick start guides, short one off modules designed for enclosed or tight spaces which show a couple features of our system. What tools can we create to support small special events, what about huge conventions?

5. Stretch goals
1 - tutorial videos - build a weapon/Prop, 5 easy things you can do to up-genre your kit, finding a chapter near you, etc.

2 - SEO improvements - the Tech team is talking about a rebranding with a face-lift to the website. This is a great opportunity to show off your copywriter/editorial skills as well as to learn and or practice SEO best practices.

While all of this is negotiable, it is what I would like to start gearing our team towards for the next year/two years.

Who we are seeking -
A person who has an interest in Marketing already as a professional, or the drive to self study and develop as a marketing manager.

Positional requirements -
Host a minimum of one monthly meeting with your staff.

Turn in a monthly report detailing committee progress towards goals, membership roster and rewards.

Ability and willingness to attend the Leads meeting at 8PM EST on the first wednesday of every month.

Actionable progress within the drives hosted by Black Forest Media towards agreed upon committee goals and deadlines.

Reward for lead: up to 100 DS/month of full activity with report and all meetings attended.

To apply please reach out to me here or on Discord TonyM-ATL#7076 to schedule an interview or to gather more information.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Thanks again!!