Looking for some help


Please forgive me this is the first time I've tried to speak in the realm of dreams, it's not as easy as people make it sound. But I should get to the it while I still have my nerve.

I'm not sure how to best describe this but some of us out here have been having issues with a new type of beastie we've never seen before and it's quickly become very irksome. Here are some of the things that have happened in the last two weeks.

My Neighbor Serona came home to find four of the squat yellow creatures up to their knees in one of her cows. When they saw her they threw up their hands and yelled 'Prank!' and ran off.

Loman said he had prepped all he needed to dig a new well, came home to it built. Looking inside there were 3 dirty squat yellow creatures laughing at the bottom, soon as they noticed him they yelled 'Prank!' and disappeared right before his eyes.

John might have gotten the worst of it, he came home to find all the evening work done, so he leaned up against his favorite wall to look it over and smile for a minute, only to have the one small section of wall collapse as it have been cut out of the structure! He didn't see anyone but heard the work 'Prank!' yelled followed by lots of cackling and giggling.

Lisonra said someone stacked up six of her sheep into a pyramid using paste of stickiness, hearing a loud 'Prank!' from the woodland when it finally dissolved and the sheep stack toppled.

Finally for myself I went down to our cellar to find that all my stored jams and jellies had been swapped with fresh fruits, and if I every catch the varmints that yelled 'Prank!' and ran off I'll box their ears for making me have to redo all that work!

Anyone know where these things came from, or why they all of a sudden have decided to hassle and confuse everyone in the community?

Formerly Peaceful Farmer

My name is Roland Tolstoy. I’m an adventurer called in by Adalaide to help the land.

Your problem monsters sound like proxies to the Fae Court of Confusion. No doubt trying to help their master win the war.

Spread this message to your neighbors:

These beasties want to cause confusion by any means. So put them to work by tricking them into doing something beneficial. Talk to yourselves very loudly when you want something done, like the well or the clean house. “Oh, I sure do love my messy, dirty home! I’d hate to get pranked by finding everything cleaned up!” “Oh, I sure do love working the fields and harvesting all my crops for harvest. I would hate to be helped.” Leave notes lying around with similar jobs that need ti be done.

Treat them like mischievous children, always listening and doing the opposite of what you tell them. And always, always, act like they successfully pranked you. Maintaining the illusion you don’t want them to help you.

If things escalate, and people start getting hurt by these creatures, find us adventurers in Respite. We will do what we can to stop them.

Best of luck,
Roland Tolstoy.