Looking for Yetta

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Morrigan enters the marketplace and heads towards the Pleasure Palace, hoping Yetta is inside. She needs her friends help in writing a message and getting it sent.

“Yetta-lass, are ya here?” she calls out as she approaches the door.
Yetta pokes her head out the door of the Pleasure Palace & smiles when she sees Morrigan
"Morrigan! Always an immense pleasure to see you! Would you care to come inside for tea? How about we DON'T discuss the events of the past weekend, and instead look to the future? I'm still dizzy from the emotional waves..."
Yetta frowns a bit. It's tougher to keep a smile these days, and she finds herself with a heavy heart and too much time to think.
At the mention of the last gatherings events a shadow also passes over Morrigans' face, a mixture of despair and anger flashing in her eyes briefly.
"Aye, let's not discuss it. It is indeed the future I've come ta see ya aboot. I'm needin yer help in scribin a message home if yer willin. Some tea would be nice while we work on it, aye."
Stepping into the warmth of the Pleasure Palace, Morrigan focuses her mind on the tasks at hand, they need answers to defeat Kara Vale and she is hoping that a message home to the Clan Elders may bring some much needed insight.
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