Looking to buy a new weapon

So for my first event I bought a weapon online that someone from these forums sent me a link to and reccomended. When I brought it to the event I wasn’t allowed to use it because it was too firm. I want a nice-looking weapon as I’m not a fan of the boffers.

I’ve seen other use latex weapons that have sufficient give to ensure safety while looking great at the same time. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for where to shop if I want a latex weapon that conforms to the chapters rules. Thanks!
A weapons marshal may be able to give you some advice on what brands are more likely to pass than others. But unfortunately we can’t guarantee anything without seeing the individual weapon. If I was going to purchase one, I’d make sure the seller had a generous return policy so it could be exchanged if it didn’t pass.
can you link the one you got?

Stuff from Epic Armory is usually pretty good, passes, and looks good. I know at least 5-6 of their weapons in use currently. Calamacil is usually stiff and doesn't pass, don't know about other companies.