Looking to see the ArchMage.

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Chris Rudd

Cato walks into the Sanctum. He approaches the desk. Hello I am Adeptus Major Cato and I was wondering if I could schedule a meeting with the ArchMage?
The attendant looks up from behind a mound of paperwork. "Greetings Adeptus. Welcome back to the Prime Penta. What is the nature of your request for a meeting? The ArchMage is a busy man after all." She smiles warmly at Cato and awaits his reply.
I need to speak with him about the direction of my magic going forward. I'm looking into learning earth magic.
Her eyebrows raise a bit. "Oh? Very intriguing. If you will just have a seat over there, I will send a messenger up to his room and see if he can fit you in." She motions to the seats in the waiting area of the grand foyer.
A young initiate trundles down the Spire steps and makes his way to Cato. Catching his breathe the young lad states "The ArchMage will now see you. He is in the company of the Fatespinner, Lady Zanthia as well." with that he heads over to the desk to grab the next missive and hurries off to another wing of the Penta.
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