Looking to Try Larp For the First Time


Hello! Recently listened to some podcasts about Empire Larp over in the UK and really wanted to get in on any sort of larp action I can get my grubby newbie hands on. Found Alliance SF is the closest and wanted to start doing some research on the game!

Some background. Got into D&D about five years ago through Critical Role and was hooked on it ever since. Been a GM of a 5th edition game for the past couple years but still consider myself new to tabletop gaming. As both player and Dungeon Master, I was never too big on the mechanics and creating efficient, nigh-unstoppable NPCs/PCs but prided myself in well-rounded characters, detailed backstories and good roleplay (getting a BA in Theatre Arts didn't hurt either).

Read most of the Rulebook but skipped over a lot of the combat and weapon construction (not big on crafts). I'll go back and get more familiar with it but I don't plan on doing a lot of combat or building my own weapons. Eagerly reading through the Player Guide right now and loving it.

Per the Rulebook's suggestion, I wanted to start as an NPC for a few day events and maybe even one weekend event before making my first character--I learn more from experience and seeing things in action and hope to learn a lot from these first games. Of course, this won't be for awhile considering the current situation-that-must-not-be-named. However I feel that reading up and learning a few things from talking to all of you will help me pass the time in a productive manner (at least for my larp IQ).

Looking forward to learning lots. I am in your care!
Hello! We'd love to have you come play with us. Unsurprisingly during the current times we are not running in-person games. But we would be enthused to chat with you about all things larp. We tend to chat more on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/alliancesf/) and occasionally on Discord.

Last year our Maelstrom campaign wrapped up its first major arc, and the past couple weeks the plot team has been releasing teasers about how the world is now, on to the Facebook group. So there is some game content happening even if it is not events.

But assuming you use facebook, pop in and introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions. We love helping folks get in to this wonderful hobby.