Loot bag dicussion

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I wanted to start a thread about loot bag ideas.

My idea is that as we are on the way to large town mods before dinner on Saturday and Sunday before we end, we can elect someone to be loot holder. We can have a nice pretty bag that it all goes into whenever someone loots and at the end we have a nice split and auction. If this idea works then awesome, but it really will take everyone into it to make sure it works.

These are the basic rules I was thinking of, feel free to post and we can fine tune it all.

- Do I have to join? No, not at all, some of our characters don't share and that's totally fine. Your character is your character, and this is a game. But if you DO want to join, the loot holder can have a ledger with everyone's name in it that we write down before or after, and then when we add it all up we have a nice total we can hand out Sunday or Saturday before the auction. But please remember, if your in then your in every time. Don't get greedy just cause something dropped a rit or a magic item instead of just coin. If you get caught being a cheat to the loot bag chances are the town will not take to kindly to that, and since the loot bag is in game, and you may be breaking a verbal contract, you'd be considered a thief.

- This will only include the mods that require the whole town! Not lairs or missions or anything else. You guys can do whatever the f you want with that treasure.

- Saturday night during dinner I will hold an auction for the items we found Sunday the event before and the items we may have found that Saturday. Strengthened weapons and up will go to auction. Production items such as low armor and simple weapons can get merchented to add to the coin pile.

- Scrolls, potions, alchemy, globes, and whatever else can get sold to the guilds as a pile for 1.5 production to give to their member's who can use them, or to one of our pc in town merchants or something. Keeping a stash of protective scrolls and potions between the 3 guilds could also be a great idea when we know we have missions to run and protectives are needed among the town.

- I have Donny and Emily helping with it this month, and can change it up next if others are interested. For Septembers game we are splitting the coin evenly among every player that was at game, as it seems the most fair right now. But then going forwards make sure you get your name in the book.

I just want us all to remember that this wont be perfect, and there will be hiccups, but if it gives everyone a fair shake at loot they helped get then i think its a good idea. Remember, it takes all of us to win a town mod. There is no one there who can single handedly win the mod or the fight or any of it, that's not a thing, please remember that out of game. We all drop gold into production and we need to keep everyone's coffers flowing. I know I had literally spent my last copper in July and didnt see any coin until October, I had to borrow coin to do production for October, and i know i can't be the only poor one out there.

If you have any questions or concerns or anything please hit me up on facebook and we will talk. We all play the game together!
i'm just gonna say this up front. I love this idea. in the end we are all a big team against the evils of the world. we have differing philosophies we don't always agree but when we all join together to survive a massive fight well to put it in mars words "its like when your on a ship and your crew takes in a big score everyone gets a cut its the fair way to do it and that way everyone gets rewarded for their part" everyone no matter what role you play in battle even the people who stay in town should get a cut. Like Josh has said there are people who get stuck doing dishes and people who can't fight but provide us with so much alchemy and protectives that the cost hurts my brain. I'm really into this.

ok on the functional suggestions side. I would suggest that the designated loot holder be an earthweaver or someone else who is staying in triage that way we have a central area we can find them in to drop off loot.
When Phal is out, his box is always available for this if you need an impartial party, though he won't sign up for it, as he doesn't much care about loot. :)
The designated loot person will always be a back line support person. I don't want this to take away from their abilities on the field at all though.

October on you will have to sign up for the loot bag list, but we all will make sure that if you cant make the fight because of illness or you get stuck or pulled put of game, you get compensated. But if you just dont feel like it... we cant help you.

As for the auction part of me would like to keep it to the people who were there, but part of me wants everyone to be involved for the excitement. We can discuss.
Oh, I was just saying that if you needed a place to put the loot so it was easy to carry back, you could toss it into Phal's box and he'd hand it all over for the split once we were all back in town. But from your Facebook post it sounds like you have a designated Loot Bag in mind already, so that solves that. :)
It might, but we all carry bags and mknters shouldn't know who it is each month
Keeping a stash of protective scrolls and potions between the 3 guilds could also be a great idea when we know we have missions to run and protectives are needed among the town.

I would just like to point out that there are four guilds not three.

I like this idea, it sounds like it was implemented last event, I was wondering how it succeeded?
The only caveat is that you really need to make sure each player in the loot bag gets their split. The town fight before supper, Jaxx, did not receive any split. ;):(
whats the 4th guild? is it the hemmer outfitters? If so then yes we can talk about one of them purchasing blacksmiths materials and what not.

And cory, sorry! There were about 5 to 7 left over piles that weren't collected, this is why we will have an actual list next time and can check off names to ensure that if it isn't collected we know who it is going to and if they had to leave it will be set aside for them later
I believe Donny and Grayson had some extra shares that were unclaimed from after that battle. Jaxx may want to contact Elwynd or Percy to claim his share.
I like the loot splitting idea, and would appreciate a system to elect the person in charge of the collection bag during battle. Perhaps even rewarding the person who has to take on that role with a silver or two from the end pile.
I'd like to choose the person before game starts even and they will hold it for the game. Make a post on Facebook and here a week before that way everyone knows who it is.
For the record, even though Phal won't be joining the list of people involved in the split, if you need him to be in charge of getting the bag back safely every now and then, he'll do it for you for free.
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