Lord Vryan, Knight of Eire


Let it be known in this bastion and all others that Lord Vryan, once Squire Vry, has attained the rank of Knight as a final blessing from the late Lord Paladin Victarion Crowe.

May his heart and his mind lead his people as well as it has lead himself while we work to bring this land back from the brink of darkness.

Ria Sevaria of Goshawk
Thank you, Ria Sevaria, for your kind words.

For those interested, Vryan is my full name. Should you refer to me by title, I request that you use it. However, among friendly company, I am still Vry to you all.

~ Lord Vryan
Congratulations on your appointment to Knighthood Sir Vryan.

I have no doubt that you will serve your people and your Queen with the highest honor and dignity. I for one am glad that I survived to hear this day has finally come. I'll be in Stoneroost a while longer dealing with the post siege debriefings should you wish to have a drink.

Well done.

Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer
Royal Knight to Queen Sonia Forthiatis Buchard of Brittington