Robb G

Sales are slow but steady. We usually see an order or 2 every day. I know we've moved over 20% of our stock already. We only just got our US amazon store working on Christmas day with physical cds. Next we have to get all of our international amazon stores stocked. It takes a while.

I think our goals in Q1 are just fixed on getting a lot of promotion. As soon as metal heads hear about us, they react really well, and the reviews we've gotten so far have been overwhelmingly positive. We just need for more people to hear about us. If you guys know any one with an internet radio show or college radio station that plays metal, let me know, I'll hook them up.

Brady's novelization of "Eve" is going through final edits now and should be released in Q1 as well, and we have several T-shirt designs being finalized as we speak.

The biggest news is that we were asked to participate in the Pathfinder Metalfest in Marietta, GA on July 7th with Thoecracy and While Heaven Wept. It's a big show done by some of the same guys as Prog Power in Atlanta. We'll be doing a short tour this summer including that show to promote the album in the midwest. We're VERY excited to have the opportunity to play live again. It's been a long time.

Robb G

if you were looking for something to read this summer... heat things up with Brady Sadler's introduction to the world of Athland. The lands and peoples of the once great empire of Lorendale are threatened by an ancient foe and the order of the Lorenguard has long since passed away into memory. Who will rise to protect the realm during these dark days of Astasia?

The companion novel to the 2011 Symphonic Metal Epic is available in paperback now, with ebook editions coming soon...


"It is said the Grey Dawn shall end our world...
And on the eve of that wretched day, brotherhoods shall fall...
Abondoning hope for defat, and purity for corruption..."

For six centuries, Sol Saradys - the Corruptor - has slept, roaming the infinite shifting planes of the Revery. There in the dreamlands he waits, eager to spread his malicious influence on the unsuspecting world of Athland...

The only power that keeps Sol Saradys alive is the same power that could warrant his return. The Balance - the cosmic law that ensures equality between Order and Chaos. However, a rogue witch has weakened the Balance, giving Sol Saradys a chance to destroy the Shackles of Heaven that bind him. But first he will need a dark soul willing to be his mortal vessel...

Now, with the unseen threat of corruption slowly poisoning the realm, the broken kingdom of Lorendale must put its faith in a forgotten order of heroes, or their world shall return to the dreaded age when Chaos reigned supreme - the Days of Astasia.

Eve of Corruption is the first novel released by the heavy metal band Lorenguard. Telling the story behind their album of the same name, Eve of Corruption explores the events, characters, and mythology Lorenguard bases their songs on. For more information on Lorenguard's musical and literary works, visit the official website at: http//www.lorenguard.com