Loss of a building...

Jesse Grabowski

Hey folks, Some bad news here...
The building we use as MOD building and the guilds has recently been certified as condemned!! An inspector came by last week and noticed the side walls were bowing out more than they were comfortable with so we will not have access to that building... including the guild rooms below.

We will be moving the mages and healers guild buildings across from the tavern... I think it is 6 and 7 on my map.

Thank you for your patience. I will keep you updated about when repairs might be taking place... hopefully before the 2020 season.

Are you referring to 6D and 7D? The small cabins Dia and I have been using?
Gotcha! Just wanted to clarify in case we needed to make other plans with logistics! <3 Thanks!


Sad to hear, and I hope they can get things repaired quickly.