Lost and Found (2017 season closer)

Siren Aspen

Hello everyone! With mod day coming up I wanted to make sure these were posted so if you see something of yours you can know it will be at mod day and you can grab it.


They are posted to the Denver Alliance facebook page. Feel free to comment on the pictures and tag your friends in case you see something of theirs. I can also give descriptions if requested.
As game rapidly approaches, I'd like to take a moment to remind folks about lost and found! Until June I will only be bringing to games the items that have been claimed via their pictures or those that have been discussed prior to game, SO please, please, please, PLEASE comment or message me with the items you want back from lost and found. If you don't claim it, I will not bring it. This will be changing in June, but untill then please keep this in mind.
I didn't see a picture thread from mod day. Did you find a black fleece tunic? If so, can you bring it this wekeend?