Lost in the Mist

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    Fellow Adventurers,
    I seem to have gotten lost in the Mists on my way back from Wayside. I plan on makes in in to da next market day. I tink I figurd out where I made da rong turn. I is back on da right path now. Tryin to just figur out what all happend on this first market day so i can hit the ground runin when I gets der. I is not sure if I can find Sera Fiona has anyone heard from her. I has missed alls you adventurers in my travels. I did run into Azeban, and Auryn in Wayside it was great to see them. but yea i just lookin to gets caught up on da happenins of this last market day.

    Not sure if im still able to sign my dream dis way not tryin to claim a titile I dont gots.
    Squire (Title given to me by Sera Fiona while we were in Raven Song) Bruisey Foemangler
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    Bruisey - these mists are a bit different, that's likely why you're getting turned around. You have to push through them, you'll also feel them narrow down a bit. You'll come out of a portal in a silver chamber, there will likely be guards there. Tell them you're with the adventurers and they should bring you to us. We'll have to identify you as one of ours before you're given free reign of the place but ... you're pretty recognizable. Or were. Heard you were green?

    ~Zihr of House Husky
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    Bruisey was very green last time I saw him in Wayside but he's still the same old bruisey we know and love Bruisey don't get too lost or I'll be really mad I don't want to have to come and get you out of some monsters stomach cause that sounds scary and gross

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