Love Awareness (And Other Commands!)

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A question about Love/Love 9 led to the question, "Is a character that's under the effects of such a thing -aware- they're under such a thing?" Is it a kind of "You know your strings are being pulled but you're helpless to do anything about it?" or a "My mind justifies everything it's thinking and feeling as being totally natural for whatever reason" kind of thing?

Charm explicitly states that the target is unaware they're under a Charm, but other Command effects don't make such a statement. As most Commands are either debilitating (Sleep, Dominate, and in a sense, Berserk), awareness can change how a character might approach their RP of an effect, and also their response to it.

Can you clarify as to whether targets should be aware/unaware to all Command/Greater Command effects?
Unless otherwise specified (such as Charm), the player is aware of what effects they are under at all times.

-Bryan Gregory
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