Made a mistake using the CMA


I have a level 17 character (Andrew) in the CMA. I have PCed this character during 1.0, but have not PCed the character at all yet after the 2.0 reset.

I was rebuilding the character in the CMA, experimenting with different builds. However, I didn't realize that clicking spend build is irreversible. I had assumed that the CMA worked like character builders for tabletop RPGs and such, where you can freely experiment with different builds and see how things change, and only "commit" it when you are done. Part of the reason I assumed that is because I saw the "Reset Character" button and thought that that meant it resets your build spend and lets you respend your build; I only learned through talking to a logistics person on Discord that it actually makes you lose all your XP. (It's a good thing I checked before I clicked the button!) Note that the post by Gilwing in this thread about the reset character button also seems to imply that it does not make you lose all your XP.

Note that I have not PCed this character at all in 2e, thus I have not PCed this character since I spent the build that I didn't intend to commit (Although, I have added XP to it from buybacks and NPCing)

Is there a way to undo my mistake so I can build the character the way I wanted? (It's not *that* big a deal if it isn't, mainly the mistake I made was that I had both channeling and earth casting but realized it would be better to just do earth casting, but I can always stick with the channeling if I really need to).

Also, I think it would be useful to make it more obvious that you're performing an irreversible action, to prevent others from making this kind of mistake. Probably an easy think to do would be to add a message above the spend build button that says something like: "Warning: Clicking spend build is irreversible. To experiment with builds without committing, go to" (This is how you're supposed to experiment, as I learned too late, but that's not clear from the CMA itself)

And what exactly does "Reset Character" do? Does it in fact make you lose your XP?


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The reset character button will unspend your XP, it does not remove it from the character.


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@Alex319 I sent you a message on discord this morning in regards to this. Hopefully your issue has been resolved.