Maelstrom announcement


San Francisco Staff
Maelstrom announcement! It's been a bit of time since Big West, thank you for being patient with us, me. We are adding two new members to our plot staff! Downtimes will be coming in the next couple of weeks, Should have a bit of time to go over them with fellow players prior to the event.

Some questions have been asked, and I have a partial answer for you. We will be at Cutter for this game, and we are always working on new things for immersion, better play, shaking up tropes, and bringing power to the players. To that end we are going to change things up for this coming game as to where the playactors(you), and cast/crew(us) will be staying/sleeping etc.

Details will follow tomorrow night after our plot meeting. We'll have this for you tomorrow evening/Friday. And for ingame reasoning, etc there will be responses in your downtimes, and and a post on the boards as well for those who did not submit downtimes.

Thank you for your patience, and looking forward to seeing all of your shining faces soon !


San Francisco Staff
There was some confusion, and miscommunication that I don't wish to punish the players for. There were downtimes after the first event earlier in the year, and after Big West. I don't think it was ever communicated properly to the players which what were for. As we are really close to the event it's time to just make a call, and make the magic happen.

So, to that end, please get your downtimes in by This coming Sunday.

Note: Please give us simple bullet points on what it is that your character is trying to accomplish. If your downtimes include other characters THEY MUST BE CC'd in the email. If they are not, then the action will not include the other characters. Period. No exceptions.

IF we open the email and it is a wall of text the downtime will be disregarded. Period. No exceptions.

IF you wish to include in painful detail as to how your character defines the color of orange juice then include that below the bullet points. For those actions that may be dangerous or complex then be prepared to have to run that mod, or cast that ritual on the hill.

I know this is a little extra work, but these responses are a lot of work for our staff too, and in our opinion are totally worth it. Downtimes help continue the story arc, setup encounters for the event, build relationships (which help propel the story, and setup mods) and in some cases stave off negative modifiers such as starvation, and exposure, and other obstacles that the players would have to expend resources, and time to mitigate otherwise. For example: If you don't wish to spend your entire event translating/deciphering a downtime, finding the right players, and npc's, and expending your downtime actions will save you a lot of playtime, and get you, and your character into the thick of it faster.

Myself, Solitaire, and Moshrok
CC: Solitaire/Moshrok


Arguing about the color of orange juice:

Quantifying what orange is:

Drinking orange juice:

1. In the beginning Solitaire will, blah, blah, blah and Moshrok blah, blah, blah

2. Exhaustive detail, what actions, resources, contacts utilized, (npc's, powerful backers, formal components, widgets, etc)

Wash Rinse, Repeat.
Hey Greg!

1. Would it be possible for there to be a cut and paste "Eyyy this is too long/not formatted correctly/something. Please shorten/simplify/rewrite" email in response to emails that are too lengthy? It'll give folks a chance to go "Oh! Sorry!" and rewrite rather than waiting for a response without realizing there was an issue.

2. As the number of named and key cast and crew characters increases, if we have RP-heavy (rather than action-heavy) downtimes like "I sit down Secrets McSecrets and try to get him to spill the mystery of his cat's name!" how would you like those kinds of downtimes phrased? Or should those kinds of interactions be saved for at game?

Responding to downtimes is a labor of love! Thanks Greg!



San Francisco Staff
A fantastic series of questions that we just went over in last nights plot meeting. Super, duper RP-heavy downtimes will best be held as either mods at a mod day, at a day event, or the every popular tavern night. Trying to do deep RP scenes is frustrating for us, and super time consuming, and I don't think as rewarding for both parties. So when downtimes come in, or better yet, before the due date, and you know you want to have that crazy scene with Secrets McSecrets about cat's... then lets schedule a tavern night, or day event, or mod day, and get those scenes hashed out in a more rewarding fashion for everyone.

So with regards to this upcoming game be prepared for several "come see us on the hill" for those scenes. We had a talk last night about our characters being ingame longer, and we'll have some words of wisdom for the players as well, at listen up.