Maelstrom Campaign Closer -- Nov 15-17 -- Site Information and Other Logistics


San Francisco Staff
Great news, everyone! Ron has just confirmed our site for the Maelstrom Campaign Closer!

Most important bit of information first: We need you to prereg ASAP. The link is right here. Click it right now, and go pre-reg. Don't worry about getting your items and battle boards perfect -- you can go back and fix that later. But we need your pre-reg in no later than THIS THURSDAY, October 31st. Our site reservation is based on headcount so if you do not pre-reg by that date, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate you. This includes PCs as well as cast and crew. If you really can't get a pre-reg together (it's easy though, I promise) please send me an email, forums message, Facebook or discord message, etc. We really need to know in some form that you are coming. Please, please, help us spread the word and get everyone pre-registered. (Your pre-reg also helps us make sure that you are accounted for in the awesome stuff we are planning.)

Now, on to the fun stuff.

The event will be held at Camp Loma Mar. They were kind enough to agree to keep their season open a little longer just for us. They have cabins! Bathrooms! Electricity!

Thanks to the wonderful and generous folks who donated to our fundraiser, we are able to keep to our normal 2019 event prices. That is $75 per person, with a $25 late fee if you preregister after the deadline. (Have you pre-regged yet? Go do that now, please.)

We will have access to the dining hall, cabins, and bathroom/shower facilities. Unfortunately due to the extension of the season and health regulations, we are not able to have kitchen access. Ice for coolers will be provided, and you are welcome to cook using crock pots, camp stoves, etc. I will be finding out soon if grills and/or fire pits are also available.

I'm also still awaiting more information on the cabin layout, so cabin assignments will happen a bit later -- rest assured there is plenty of space for everyone, though.

Site arrival and departure times are also TBD.

The missing details will be filled in just as soon as we have them. If you have any questions, please let us know! Thank you all so much for your continued patience as we continue to work towards finding a new permanent home for our overnights.

PS: Did you pre-reg yet? Great! Now go tell a friend. :)
Where/how do we pay the $75? And is there a way to check if we've already paid, because I cannot remember if I did or not.