Maelstrom Closer


San Francisco Staff
As you arrive at site there will be a cluster of buildings marked with LED candles & sign for PC-Landia.
There is a second set of buildings farther away. These are NOT for pc's, and will be used for encounters.

If you have a few moments to help with setup, please come, and check in at Monster-Land, Will have a sign, lit by LED Candles and/or sign. Please KNOCK before entering. We may have some sensitive props/Costumes out, and would like to preserve the surprise. If we are all set, we may just say thank you, and have you go get ready to rumble.

We will start running content for travellers coming through the mists as soon as people are checked in, and we have crew to make this happen. Shooting for 8pm.

OOG Listen up is a hard start in the Lodge @ 9:45 come hell or high watermelon. We will blast through this aspect, and do a hard transition to an Ingame Listen up of a sorts...(Foig).

We understand, and accept that flight delays, traffic, zombies, and the light from Venus reflecting off the swamp gas might inhibit, interfere with, or play havoc with these time tables, and we’ll adjust accordingly.

Cast Member Shifts (NPC)
We are opening the signups for Cast Member Shifts. We ask that everyone take one 4 hour shift. Come, and help NPC for your fellow players. We have a good sized handful of fully dedicated cast/crew members, and any additional help will only enable us to run a more immersive experience for everyone. Accommodations will be made for makeup heavy characters, we won’t ask you to de-makeup, but if you want to, we won’t stop you either.

Sign up sheet will be posted on the Monster-Land door, or outside.

Friday Shift.
Starts ideally at 7:30pm - 11:30-Midnight-ish

Saturday Shift 1.

Saturday Shift 2.
3-ish to 7ish

Saturday Shift 3.
7-ish- 11-ish.

These times may get a little shorter/longer based on how your fellow players are progressing through the content.

These shifts coincide with the various objectives that are laid out to be accomplished. So you can better plan on what you would like to participate in, or potentially avoid.

The brave people who happen to double hook for the third shift will have an additional encounter that will take place after this encounter OOG. In-game the encounter will be taking place simultaneously.

Additional story information will begin to unfold Friday evening, so feel free to switch out which shift you take on the fly. If you find out that you want to do something else and want to switch to a later/earlier shift that’s fine.


San Francisco Staff
Additional note on sleeping space: we have not assigned cabins, beyond designating the nearer grouping as PC land as mentioned above. There are plenty of sleeping spaces to go around. Please find a spot, help your fellow players find a spot, etc. If a serious conflict over space arises I will use order of preregistration to decide priority, but please let’s not have it come to that.