Maelstrom RSVP


San Francisco Staff
What is the RSVP?

Well besides being something that was tried, and abandoned some time ago, it is now being brought back as we approach the last 3/4’s of Maelstroms closing season.

As we are no longer accepting downtimes due to real life issues, we still need a way for you the players to communicate to us the storytellers things that you would like to do, address, accomplish, etc. At our events, and the Day Games we have added to our schedule for this express purpose.

Simply put we need You, The character you are going to play, and a reasonable list of Goals, Scenes you would like to run.

Some caveats… If we open your email, and it is a wall of text, trying to intricately detail how your character avoids every possible conceivable pitfall…. it will be rejected out of hand.

It should look something like this.

RSVP For ChickenFish Meatball

Name: ChickenFish Meatball
Character: Chuckles McGee
Goals: Locate, and Acqure More Fishsticks.
Scenes: Talk to Yellow Jacketed Fisherman guy from last game. Talk to the Albatross.